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How to avoid being scammed while searching for your new puppy.

Scammers have been a problem for years, but the problem has worsened since the puppy craze during the pandemic. Below are things to watch for to avoid being scammed when looking for a trustworthy breeder.

If the price of the puppy seems too good to be true, it probably is.  A reputable breeder invests years of time, effort and money into the wellbeing of their dogs. This will be reflected in the price. 

A trustworthy and reputable breeder should welcome your questions and be able to answer them easily. If your questions are ignored, or responded to with agitation, beware. A scammer will often prefer to communicate over email or text and avoid phone calls. This is a red flag. 

Always ask to have a phone conversation with the breeder.
This should be welcomed. 
communication skills are also a red flag. 
Any pushy or rude behavior, especially about deposits or payment should be taken very seriously. 

Never pay
in full for a puppy that you haven't met in person.
Fully research a breeder before placing a deposit. 

Vet Reference

A reputable breeder should be able to provide 1 or more vet references. 

Beware of someone offering to ship you a cheap puppy. 

Random photos without the same background are concerning. This may indicate that the scammer has stolen pictures from Breeders' websites and are using them to "sell" puppies that they do not actually have

An actual breeder will usually have pictures and backgrounds in common. For example, as you look through our website, you will see our daughters "growing up" with our dogs. You will see similar backgrounds in the pictures of different dogs and puppies with our daughters at different ages. 

Advertising Platforms
Be very careful searching for a Breeder on "petfinder" type websites. In my opinion, the safest place to find a breeder in your area is to search for a local breeder's website or look on AKC Marketplace. In order to advertise on AKC Marketplace , a breeder has to have a litter number that AKC assigns to their litter upon registration. You still have to watch for puppy mills and breeders who are not vetting their puppies, but chances of being scammed is a whole lot less. 
I never recommend buying from a breeder that has not vet checked the puppy and tested for parasites. Buying a puppy with parasites can turn into an expensive night mare to the tune of thousands of dollars in vet bills. 

Below are a few things we offer to give you peace of mind.

Your Questions are Welcome!

We love talking about our dogs and we welcome any questions you may have.  This actually tells us a lot about you and what kind of home and care you will offer a puppy. 

We do require a deposit to hold a puppy, but we offer to video chat with you and let you see the litter before you place a deposit. 
Full payment is never due until you have met the puppy in person!

Vet References
We love our vet!!
Martin Vet Services in Pelzer SC. 
Their number is: 

(864) 617-8718

Our favorite Doctors are Dr. Wright,
Dr. Martin and Dr. Gingrich

We are established at the following Vet Clinics
in case we need backup

Magley Animal Hospital, Westminster SC
Fox Nest Veterinary Hospital, Seneca SC

More info:
When someone places a deposit on a puppy, we send milestone and picture updates as the puppy grows. When your puppy is ready to go, we welcome you to come and meet the puppy's parents and see where your puppy was raised. 

We supply you with your puppy's vet records, health records, and a health guarantee. We have a litter test done at the vet for parasites on each litter to ensure they are parasite free before going home. 


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