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 Music Row Dachshunds

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Dacshund Puppies for sale SC, Dachshund Stud Service SC, Dachshund Puppies for sale GA

Dachshund Puppies SC

Dachshund Puppies SC, Dachshund Puppies SC

About Us

Our family resides on a small horse farm in the foothills of Upstate South Carolina. My husband has trained show horses and hackney ponies for many years. Our daughters have the great opportunity to be involved in both worlds. 

We fell in love with our first AKC Mini Dachshund in 1998.
Since then , it has been a pleasure to share this incredible breed with our children and dachshund fans across the USA.

Dachshunds are very loyal and make wonderful pets for families or individuals.
Our puppies are socialized with our children from birth. 

About our Puppies

Birth: Our puppies are generally born with one or all of our daughters eagerly welcoming them into the world. This is a magical experience that I love sharing with my girls. They are involved from the moment they are born until they either join their new homes or start showing. 

Potty Training: Dachshunds are known for being difficult to potty training. We feel strongly that if puppies are allowed to go potty anywhere they please and walk all through it etc., not only is it unsanitary, it also offers no favor to the puppy or the new owner in the future when suddenly the puppy must learn to go potty outside and not anywhere it pleases.  For both reasons, we start establishing a specific area that the puppies eat, sleep, and potty at a very young age. When the whelping box is removed, we place a tray of alfalfa pellets in the puppy area for them to start using. It is quite amazing how well this works for very young puppies. They use this method until they are old enough to follow their mom and go outside to potty. Generally by the time they are ready to go to their new homes they have transitioned themselves to going outside. If new owners have an apartment and do not have access to a grass potty area, the alfalfa pellet method can be continued. If they do have a backyard or great potty area, the puppies will naturally transition to grass since it smells similar to alfalfa pellets. 

Weaning Age: Our puppies do not go to their new homes until around 12 weeks old. This allows us the time we need to administer their first and second shot, work on potty training, socialization and allows the puppy to learn to interact with other dogs. All of this is important to ensure the puppy is healthy, and well rounded socially. 

Health Testing: We test our dachshunds for PRA. PRA is a genetic blindness that affects Miniature Dachshunds. Our Studs are "Clear" and none of our puppies are "Affected" with this disease. 

Visitors: To protect our puppies from Parvo and other diseases that are spread by outside sources, we do not allow owners-to-be to visit before the puppies have had their 2nd vaccine. We do however send out updates with pictures and video clips so you can watch the litter grow.

Permanent Identification: Each of our puppies are identified with a tattoo under the ear. This is a second form of identification that is very important in the case you and your dachshund are ever separated or if God forbid your dog is missing or stolen. We encourage you to keep a photo of the ear tattoo in case you ever need to identify your dog.

Pick up: New owners are welcome to come here and meet the parents and pick up their puppy as long as we do not have younger puppies here that are unvaccinated. 


Of course we prefer that you pick up your puppy in person, but we understand that is not always possible.
We offer to meet at the GSP airport at no additional charge, or  we will ship by airline in cabin with a flight nanny.  
We do not ship cargo and will not ship a puppy by ground transport unless we know the transporter personally. 


                                     Our Puppies are vet checked and come with a signed clean bill of health from our Veterinarian.
                                                They are UTD on shots and Dewormed  before joining their new home. 

Feel free to request our vet contact info for reference. 
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